Braids & Freckles Magnetic X Holder assembly tutorial

Braids & Freckles Magnetic Colorist Trays and Accessories

Here are the steps:

1. Unbox the X holder.
Carefully read the white label note.

2. If already assembled, detach the tray top from the connecting tube.
Flip the tray top upside down and place it on a flat surface.
Choose a side to install the X holder magnets.

3. Take out the first magnet from the X holder. Unwrap the magnet. Install it securely into the corresponding socket.
Only after the first magnet is securely installed, remove the second magnet and unwrap it. Install it into the second socket.

Magnets are very strong. Handle with caution.

4. Remove protective film from the X holder.

5. Position the tray top onto the connecting tube.

6. Place the X holder on the side equipped with magnets.

You're all set!