AirTouch® by Vladimir Sarbashev

Who is Vladimir Sarbashev? 
• Hairstylist, colorist, educator. 
• Founder and owner of VS Academy. 
• Creator of AirTouch, innovation method of hair color. 
• AirTouch patent holder.
• Ambassador of Schwarzkopf Professional. 
• 2.8m publications under #airtouch
• 246k subscribers on @sarbashevvladimir

What is AirTouch?
Airtouch is a completely new method of dyeing hair, which is completely different from highlights, balayage or hair painting.
First method that won’t need you to re-bleaching previously bleached hair.

The whole technique is working with layer by layer.
Depending on the technique we have the ability to change the look and make it unique for every client.
With the help of the blow dryer we have the ability to use air to correctly separate the hair in natural layers.

The main reason to using the air touch technique is to make your hair smoothly transitions from one to another in absolutely any color range.
As well as a hard situation such as spots and lines, only in one step, reducing the amount of work.
In just one visit we’re able to fix the most complicated hair.
Also very comfortable to transform total blonde in gradient.

How to book an appointment?
To book an appointment to Vladimir Sarbashev use this link.

What is going on?
February, 2018 New York Master class.

June 27-29, 2022 Florida AirTouch Original Master class. Buy tickets.

Autumn 2022, LA Master class. Stay tuned...

More to come...